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Welcome to Tapel Sibiu

Besides from offering you the opportunity to contact us, we set it as a goal to come closer to you through our site and offer you access to the products and services we provide.

Tapel Sibiu is a company established in 2004, with private Romanian capital. It unfolds its activity in the area of riding articles and leather goods.

Our team of production, made up out of 15 qualified people, assure the success of the firm through the quality of their work and uninterrupted skill perfecting. Tapel Sibiu

Tapel Sibiu has succeeded in imposing itself on the continental market through responsibility, promptness and a continuous up-grading of the products to the latest requirementsi.

Tapel Sibiu produces a broad range of riding articles and other leather products. As raw material we use leather processed by firms with tradition in the tanning of leather and stainless metal accessories.

The quality and the variety of our products and the seriousness with which we treat our customers make up our business card.

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